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Hey there!
I'm Tami and I am passionate about helping YOU! I'm a dietitian and yoga instructor, dog mama, lover of food, and coffee addict. It's my mission to demystify women's wellness and empower women to feel their best- every damn day!

I work with women who want to improve their relationship with food, build a sustainable lifestyle, and give up dieting forever.

When you're ready to put your health & wellness first, I'm here to help! It all begins with a chat- grab a cup of coffee and let's create your plan...

Free Masterclass

Have you ever been told to "eat less & move more" to lose weight? It didn't help did it?

That's awful advice, and unfortunately well meaning doctors and coaches have been giving this recommendation for decades.

Instantly watch the masterclass: Eat less & move more is bad advice to learn the strategies that my clients are using to lose 5, 10, even 30lbs, improve their health, and feel better faster.

The old ways of losing weight don't work...I'll show you what does.

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About Me...

I believe that you deserve to live your best life- including eating great food!

There are a lot of things about life that are complicated, your food shouldn't be one of them. I believe in a food-first approach to wellness and chronic disease management. My patients will tell you that I know that all foods can fit when you know how.

I know that life gets hectic, recommendations are confusing, and it seems impossible to know if coffee is good for you this week! (It is, by the way!) My favorite thing is breaking down the confusion of wellness and making it bite-sized and digestible.

Virtual Appointments

Schedule your appointment from the comfort of home. I am conveniently providing all services via secure video calls. Under the current health regulations, virtual appointments are covered by insurance for most plans. Some services must be via video, however some appointments can be conducted right on the phone! When you schedule your initial consult, choose which method works best for you.

Medical Nutrition Services:

  • Diabetes

  • High cholesterol/ high blood pressure

  • Kidney disease, GI/ IBS/ food allergies

Wellness Services:

  • Weight management

  • Vegetarian/ vegan lifestyles

  • Meal planning

  • Women's health- peri/menopause

  • plus others...

All services begin with a complimentary planning session (20 minutes) during which we will discuss your goals and create your plan for achieving your goals. At the end of your 1st session you will have a clear and actionable plan detailing how nutrition & wellness fits into your health & wellness goals.

Cash pay versus health insurance

You have options! I participate in many insurance plans, however your unique plan determines reimbursement. To make wellness accessible to as many people as possible I have a variety of options:

  • Bill eligible insurance

  • Cash pay wellness packages (many people use HSA or Flex cards)

  • Group programs

We will discuss your options during your initial consult, wellness counseling is very accessible.