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Hey Ladies,

Are you frustrated and confused with the harsh realities of aging?

I’m Tami and I am here to tell you that you are not in it alone! I help women over forty to understand the journey from perimenopause through menopause. No more unexplained weight gain, stay energized and active, and navigate mood swings like a boss!

The road through mid-life is a winding road of symptoms that can be managed with healthy lifestyle strategies. I know because I have been there!


As a registered dietitian and yoga instructor I used my extensive wellness training to navigate my own journey. My experience became my passion, and now I help women avoid the isolation and frustration that I felt when I began down this road of perimenopause.

I use my own experiences as well as my professional background as a dietitian and yogi to guide women other women get the results they need to feel like their younger selves again!


In my signature program as well as individual counseling I help clients to managing symptoms like weight gain, belly fat, fatigue, and hormone driven anxiety with nutrition and yoga strategies that are diet free and realistic for even the busiest of women.


It’s time you stopped ignoring what you body is going through and start living the best years of your life!


Join my free Facebook Group and start feeling supported today!

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Who is Tami Rowh?

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