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The Mindful & Balanced Membership is Open!

Are you tired of trying to figure out what to eat & when?

Confused about what you can eat? What a healthy eating pattern looks like, or just confused by all the conflicting info out there? Do you need a simple solution to the question: "What's for dinner?"

Then you need the Mindful & Balanced Membership!

Over the years all of my clients ( said at some point- " Please, just tell me what I can eat!!"

Eventually it hit me- you don't need more science based reasons why- you need help getting the recommendations from concept to the table.

That's why I created the Mindful & Balanced Membership.

Seasonal, healthy recipes, help with the most common struggles women deal with every day- from PMS to tummy troubles, and resources for getting off the diet roller coaster!!

I'm talking every day answers to your struggles of every day.

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Mindful & Balanced


Seasonal Recipes

The reason you're struggling to get healthy meals on the table is because you don't have a plan. Each month you get about 5 new seasonal recipes that will simplify eating healthy.

For less than the cost of your monthly coffee budget you can be eating healthy every day- or as often as you want- we aren't the boss of you.


Monthly Education

Bite sized and actionable lessons to help you find balance. Each month you get a free lesson on a relevant health topic for women. Need help with PMS? We've got a lesson. Struggling to banish bloating- there's help for that.

You have access to all previous lessons the day you join and every month there's a new lesson.


Confident Meal Planning

My clients told me that they struggled with knowing how to translate healthy eating concepts to actual meals & real-life planning.

And the membership was born.

The MBM is your resource for after (or in-between) your nutrition sessions. When you need simple, practical ways to reach your goals- we've got simple, practical solutions.

“Tami simplifies complicated nutrition recommendations into real-life. It's impossible to not see results!"

Jennifer S.

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