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3 Gut Healing Foods

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

So you just did a run of an elimination diet after some serious bloating. These 3 gut healing foods are the best place to start to incorporate gut healing nutrients back into your eating plan.


Oats are the perfect post-bloating food because of the versatility and the fiber!

Hi I'm Tami and I am addicted to fiber.

Fiber is numero uno when it comes to gut health, and if you're a woman with a lady-gut then you can really benefit! Aside from the healthy fiber that fuels your gut microbiome, soluble fiber like that found in oatmeal is also great for hormone balance. Hormone balance is important if your menstrual cycle wreaks havoc on your day post ovulation (around day 12-15). You know, like period related bloating or constipation.

When adding oatmeal back in after a week or so of low fiber foods start small- go with rolled oats, or even instant oats then work up to old fashioned and steel cut versions. Feel free to flavor your oatmeal with lots of yummy stuff- berries, flax or chia seeds, and nuts- but do it slowly. Here is a recipe for Orange Ginger Overnight Oats to nourish your balanced gut once your bloating is gone.


We all know that yogurt has probiotics, but did you know that not all yogurt has live and active probiotics. Yup, you heard it here first. Some yogurt is no more beneficial to your gut than the package it comes in, so make sure you read the label!

Look for your packaging to say: contains live and active cultures.

So what's the big deal with probiotics anyway? They help you keen your gut microbe colony healthy. Think about those poor animals in Chernobyl- many of the species ended up dying off over time because they couldn't breed with healthy animals. The result was that they ended up sickly and carrying the worst genetic traits leaving them sick and unable to survive the harsh environment. Your gut flora is like that! If you don't introduce new dudes to the neighborhood eventually your microbiome becomes sickly and unable to survive.

Feel free to flavor your yogurt however you like- berries, granola, or add it to other recipes like the Orange Ginger Oats in the recipe above. Keep in mind, just eating yogurt isn't all you need for a healthy gut, but it adds value with every tasty carton.

Sourdough Bread

Bet you didn't see that coming!

Bread is usually the first thing women take out when they are experiencing bloating and GI troubles- with good reason. Gluten can be inflammatory to a woman's gut, but that doesn't mean you need to be gluten free for life- or even for more than a week or so in many cases.

Sourdough bread is a good "test bread" because it's made through fermentation! Fermented products are really great for your gut, but the reason I like to recommend it is because it tends to be less reactive for those with a gluten sensitivity or inflamed gut. The reason isn't because of gluten- it's because of the preservatives and processing that store-bought bread undergoes to get to your table.

Of course, if you have diagnosed celiac disease sourdough does contain gluten, so best to avoid it along with other wheat-containing breads.

You don't have to drive your friends and family crazy with the never-ending sourdough starters required to make it at home, find a local bakery and make it a treat to pick up a warm, crusty loaf once in a while. There are even some nice commercially available sourdough manufacturers- just read the label and avoid any that list multi-syllabic words that indicate preservatives or additives.

It's normal to have the occasional bloating and constipation, but you don't need to identify as a "bloated" person. If you are struggling with bloating that lasts more than a day or so at a time, then it's time to get help.

There are many ways to work with me to have a mindful & balanced eating plan- get started by scheduling a free consult.


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