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3 Ways to Lose Weight in Your 40's

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Are you struggling to lose weight now that your fortieth birthday is in your rear-view mirror? You are not alone! I work with women in their mid-life years on strategies for eliminating the peri-weight for good! I'm going to share my top 3 tips with you so that you can get started right now!

Drum-roll please...

3 Ways to Lose Weight in Your 40's:

  1. Balance your hormones

  2. Eat PFF (that's Protein, Fiber, and Fat)

  3. Boost your metabolism

Seems easy enough when you see it in writing right? In fact, it doesn't have to be complicated, and you can see some impressive weight loss just by tweaking a few habits that you do every day. In my 6 week program I teach you exactly how to make these tweaks one step at a time.

Balance Hormones:

Hormone balance gets tricky during peri-menopause as the condition itself is characterized by unpredictable changes in reproductive hormones. The good news is that there are usually signs associated with these hormone fluctuations, once you learn to work with them you can easily lose weight. Using mindful eating techniques you tap into what is physically happening to you so that you can make a conscious food choice- helping you find balance.

You might think that tender breasts are just a side effect of perimenopause, and you would be half right. Remember when you were a teenager and you had that same symptom about a week before your period? That is an effect of increased estrogen. Estrogen wants you to store fat. Using mindfulness to tap into that sign you can plan your meals to help you flush excess estrogen away, stripping estrogen leads to weight loss.

By increasing awareness around what signs and symptoms you are experiencing you have the upper hand. In addition to physical signs, there are also emotional signs- like mood swings. Stress and mood bring a whole host of challenges for weight loss, but you will have the upper hand when you can identify that you are about to embark on a stress-induced binge. It doesn't mean that you will choose the carrots over the chocolate, but you just might choose to control how much chocolate instead of mindlessly hoovering a whole bag of M&M's. (Oddly specific, I know).

Mindful eating gives you the upper hand.

And now to tip #2....

Eat PFF:


y eating a diet with lean Protein, Fiber containing foods, and healthy Fats you are not only making healthy choices that will effortlessly lead to weight loss, you are balancing hormones too.

I'm going to spare you the science lesson here, but trust me when I say that fiber is good for more than just managing constipation. (Also a side effect of perimenopause BTW).

Aiming for a balanced plate with a little of all three each time you eat will curb cravings, fill you up, and help you shed weight. You might try a Quinoa Goddess bowl- with avocado, beans, quinoa, greens of choice, olives and dressing of choice (I'm a sucker for any kind of fruit vinaigrette).

Shedding weight is easy and effortless when you put the right foods on your plate, and when using mindful eating techniques you never need to measure a thing.

Boost Your Metabolism:

This one is my favorite! I get to tell you to do less!

By cutting cardio and focusing on muscle building activities like yoga you are actually doing more by doing less. Cardio is great when you are in your twenties, but after forty too much cardio becomes inflammatory. Women over forty need to avoid inflammation as much as possible, and I am a fan of doing less.

In my program I include yoga as part of the curriculum- it's a great way to get some low impact cardio and strength training in a short amount of time. Even if you aren't doing a challenging class, restorative yoga is excellent for managing stress, and I show you how that helps you lose weight too!

If you are ready to take charge of your health join my 6 week program: What the Actual Fork: Demystifying Mid-life Nutrition

Learn more about the program by scheduling a free 30 minute discovery call.

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