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A Good Meal Plan is Better Than a Diet

If you’ve spent any time this January searching for a diet plan to lose weight, improve your relationship with food, or reduce inflammation you’ve seen that there is an infinite number of options. It can seem overwhelming. One client told me this week that just 30 minutes on Pinterest was enough to have her throw up her hands and give up- “it’s just too much!”

You crave the simplicity of having someone tell you what to eat.

Is it really that simple? Can’t you Google: weight loss meal plans every week and be all set? The short answer is yes. You can rely on an inter-web search to find the latest anti-inflammatory meal plan, weight loss plan, or metabolism boosting recipes. The problem is that those plans aren’t created for you, your life, or your situation.

You have to alter your life to fit a printed collection of recipes that you may or may not even enjoy.

I’m going to teach you how to create your own plan using the method that I have been teaching my clients for years.

Why you should use a meal plan of sorts

I say a meal plan of sorts because unlike other plans the one that you create is going to be flexible, undetailed, and less of a plan and more of a guide. You might wonder why, if it’s so vague, you even need a plan. This is why:

  1. Having a plan, regardless of the level of detail, will simplify your life. No more trying to figure out what’s for dinner when you’re hungry, running late, and not sure what’s home in your fridge. When you know that Tuesday is take out, Wednesday is some kind of slow-cooker meal, and Saturday is sit-down with the family night it already takes a load of stress off your shoulders. The micro decisions are easier to chew on when you can see the big picture.

  2. You don’t have time for drive-thru. It’s true, drive-thru takes way more time than you realize. On the surface it seems to save time, but these days when so much of life is spent at home getting in the car and driving anyplace becomes a production. Don’t get me started on staffing shortages, limited menu’s, or short hours. Relying on grabbing something handy in 2022 has become laughable. (If you want to talk about the great Rice Krispy shortage of 2021-2022 hit me up in my DM’s.)

  3. Last but not least, you need to give up the diet roller coaster. Planning your meals ahead of time helps you to fuel efficiently without the ups and downs that go along with diets. Planning balanced meals helps you to get the nutrition that you need while you make room for the foods that you enjoy- without going overboard or feeling deprived.

How to get started planning your meals

It might be overwhelming trying to come up with 21 healthy meals each week- that’s why I created the 5-Day Mindful Meal Plan Challenge. Over the course of 5 days I’ll teach you how to fool-proof your meal planning so that you get to eat food that you love, reach your goals, and not go crazy in the process.

Inside the free challenge you’ll learn:

-How to determine your plan theme: weight loss, hormone balance, or cholesterol management it all starts with a goal.

-The “when” of planning- when to shop, when to plan, when to prep. You’re busy and no one likes to spend all day Sunday shopping and prepping. Learn how to make it simple.

- Functional & fun. It can’t all be salads and protein shakes, we’ll put the 80/20 rule into action so you can still reach your goals.

- Every thing you need to know about grocery shopping & how to avoid it when you want to.

- Sneaky food prep. Learn how many days you can make ahead safely, how to multi-task prep like a boss, and what corners you can cut.

Join the 5-Day Mindful Meal Prep Challenge, get a daily email with everything you need to finally get off the diet roller coaster and start planning your meals with confidence.

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