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Are you ready for the holiday season?

Fall is my favorite time of year! And not just because of PSL's and the changing leaves! I love fall because it's time for the annual holiday challenge.

Every year I host a mindfulness challenge from Thanksgiving week thru Christmas week- and it's my favorite program all year!

I've been adding on new content year after year, and it's getting bigger and better. The best part is that despite the massive amount of support and guidance, the time that you need to invest is up to you. You'll be successful with 30 minutes a week, or 30 minutes a day- it's really up to you.

What is the Merry Mindfulness Challenge?

In a word? Community.

Then again, it's so much more. Most women I know struggle when it comes to the holiday season because you feel torn between honoring family traditions and staying true to the wellness plan you have created all year long. It feels like you can't have both, and trying to stick to one means losing the other, and that's like losing a bit of your identity.

We are all traveling different paths on the same journey- we get you! The power of community support is priceless. Need a recipe for a cholesterol friendly gravy- someone has one. Want motivation to go for that walk- we are all cheering each other on! You aren't alone all season long because your husband is a lousy accountability partner.

What's this mindfulness thing? It's your secret weapon. It's possible to blend your traditions and your wellness goals and still feel in control without being overwhelmed. The key is adopting a mindfulness mindset- and that's what we do in the challenge. It might look like journal writing before you begin your day, or an evening walk to get out into nature. You have options, and the benefit is staying authentic to yourself as you are right now.

What exactly does that mean? It means that you might opt out of the holiday party to make space for a good night's sleep before a weekend with family. It might look like indulging in Aunt Martha's pumpkin pie, but making sure that you have a packed lunch. All of these are things that you can do on your own, but will you?

Over the years I have watched women try to go it alone and feel shame, guilt, and overwhelm trying to do #allthethings without giving anything up. The holidays are a time of family, gratitude, and friendships- not diets, guilt, and loneliness. That's why I created the challenge, to support you, guide you, and be your accountability partner.

This year will be different.

The challenge is your opportunity to keep all of your healthy habits going strong straight through New Year's. You're going to feel great on January 2nd- when was the last time you could say that?

No need to sacrifice your goals

The reality of the holiday season is that you have hundreds of choices to make every day. Some of those are your regular choices like mint toothpaste or cinnamon, but then there are big ones like: do I go to the gym or sleep in 30 more minutes?

In the challenge you'll be organized so you know what your choices will be before you get there- and they are based on what is happening in the moment. If you plan to go to the gym, but didn't get enough sleep you can go for a walk after dinner instead. Surprise potluck at the office? No worries, you already know how to navigate that because you learned how to plan for the unexpected in the challenge!

There are two ways to deal with the holidays- give up foods and occasions that you look forward to all year, or shove your head in the sand and worry about it in January. Not this year!

This year you get to have your holiday fun AND stay on track.

So how do you get in on this awesome challenge? Get on the wait-list! The entire challenge is delivered in email, private podcast, and private Facebook group so it's about as convenient as possible. You choose how much time you invest, and you have personal support when things get sticky. It's like having a dietitian in your pocket all season.

We begin November 15th, but space is limited- this challenge sells out every year so save your spot early.


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