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Beat Mid-Life Weight Gain with Yoga & Mindful Eating.

Most of my clients don't know what they need before they become my clients.

They have a very good idea of what they want- weight loss, smaller pant size, tone muscles, no more belly bulge- but until we talk about what is really going on they don't realize that they need to feel confident again.

It's frustrating to gain 15 pounds for no reason. It's scary to feel nauseous every time you eat. Hot flashes are enough to make you want to run screaming naked into the night, and sleep? What's that?

By the time women get to me, most of the time their doctor has dismissed their problems, family members run and hide, and they are just

feeling defeated. Our society does not have a good history of supporting women in their health crisis- especially if it's a "hormone thing."

The good news is that there is hope! Check out my latest post on what to eat to balance hormones where I break down the basics of creating a hormone balancing meal plan, and download the meal plan PDF below. Once you know what to eat it's time to incorporate a little "how to eat" into your life.

Yoga & Mindful Eating

You don't need another diet, you need a lifestyle that helps you to feel young again, regain control, and feel confident! That's why I teach mindfulness. If you have ever been interested in what mindfulness can do for you keep reading. If you want another diet plan, this is probably not going to speak to you.

My clients use yoga philosophy and nutrition science to learn how to tune into their body and confidently know what they need in the moment. This is especially helpful since your body changes it's mind every few minutes it seems. Once you have that direct connection to your body's needs you get to make informed decisions about all kinds of things- things like: what's for dinner, should you go for a run, how many cookies is too many cookies, and do you really want a divorce, or just a minute alone?!

Here are 5 ways that you can use yoga to help you lose weight:

  1. Ahimsa- the yogi "golden rule:" non-harming of self and others. Basically just be nice, no need to beat yourself up because you had a bad day and ate 3 meals from fast food. Give yourself room to make mistakes.

  2. Observation- just like when you have too much silence in yoga class, create some empty space to make observations at meal time. What you learn might surprise you.

  3. Patience- You won't see results today, probably not even tomorrow. But before you know it, you will be feeling pretty confident in your clothes.

  4. Awareness- this one takes some practice. Over time you can learn when you are truly hungry and when you are full. You can use those cues to never measure your food or over eat again!

  5. Be comfortable being uncomfortable- in yoga we say find your edge and lean into it. If that sounds to fru-fru think of it this way- how far can you push your limits and still be ok with it? For example, if I say eat however much you like, you might feel uncomfortable trusting yourself around pizza or bread. But when you just allow yourself to be uncomfortable - whether because you ate too much or because you withheld the bread and feel yucky as a result. You will have a lesson to learn. Then next time (or 5 times later) you will make a different choice. Bread loses it's power because you did something uncomfortable a few times.

You can explore this concept more by reaching out, or following my Instagram for daily tips and guidance. I love when you guys ask me questions! So go ahead and comment below if you have something on your mind!

Download PDF • 5.27MB

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