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Even the Healthy Living "Pro's" Need Help

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Tell me if this sounds familiar...You get to a few fitness classes a week (or at least you did pre-COVID, now it's "getting to your Zoom class in your living room"), you visit the farmers market, purchase your fair share of the items in the "health food" section of the grocery store, you religiously watch your portions, and you enjoy your pizza and wine every once in a while. One day you put on your favorite jeans and they are snug. The next time you swear that your teenager swapped them out. A couple months later you are muttering about "cheaply made clothes that shrink in the wash."

When you step on the scale you can't believe it!! Fifteen pounds! This doesn't happen to you, you have weighed the same basic thing for 20 years. YOU ARE A PRO at healthy living!

I hear you sister! I was there too!!!

The game changes after you turn 40. I wish I could tell you differently, but I have seen it enough times to know by now that it is inevitable- even for "health pros."

I think we take it harder when we are living a healthy life- working out, eating right, doing the right things, then WHAM!

I will admit, for a few months I was seriously questioning why I bothered at all?! I mean, I like sweats, I could enjoy ice cream every night and save hours every week I spend on working out. Then I realized I was uniquely positioned to help other women just like me- who gain the "peri-15" for no obvious reason! I could help women be prepared, get ahead of it, and even right the ship. I had the obligation to educate, guide, and inspire others just like me.

Know the Facts

I did a ton of research, practiced on myself, got my own ship right, and took notes. Now I'm working with women to do the same- every day!

The fact is that you can't outsmart perimenopause. Perimenopause if you aren't sure, is the time before menopause when hormones fluctuate wildly and unpredictably. It's what the unsuspecting twenty year old's think is actually menopause- but once you get to menopause the worst is over! The frustrating part is that each woman has a unique experience. Sure, you can hear anecdotes from your friends and moms, but every experience is unique, and until recently no one even talked about it- so it was isolating, unpredictable, and frustrating.

Here are the facts:

  1. Hormones fluctuate greatly during this time

  2. What you eat can be triggered by hormone fluctuations, hormones are effected by what you eat

  3. Fat storage is effected by hormones, not in the good way

  4. Metabolism decreases during perimenopause and fat storage increases

Aren't I just Suzy Sunshine today?

Taking Back Control

While those facts are true, it is possible to take back control- and you do get to control some of it!

You can control what you eat and how you move, in fact last week I talked all about how to do that. This week I want to talk about the attitude that you need to take back control. Yes, it seems hopeless, and many women toss in the towel and buy mom-jeans and baggy sweaters. Others like to dig deep and do something crazy inspirational like do their first triathlon, or become a body builder. Then there are the rest of us that just want to be able to look in the mirror, look OK in our clothes, and keep up with the grand-kids. We just want to not feel old.

In order to do that it takes an adjustment of 'tude. This is not the time to go it alone! This is the time to find your community- your peeps that will uplift and support you, your gals that understand and can contribute to your process without depleting your energy.

This is why I love my yoga peeps! I start each class at the front (or in front of the camera) with some idle chit-chat, but I'm really assessing the 'tude of the day. Finding out what everyone needs. Do we need a good sweaty session to clear the mind, a slow and steady centering, or just an hour to not feel or think anything. I love to watch the transformation from stressed out crazy woman to "I have my shit together" as we transition from the opening centering to the final resting pose.

I truly believe that if it weren't for yoga my experience with aging would be very different.

Yoga for A Positive Peri-menopause

Ha! I love that alliteration! (Stay tuned for the social post)

You don't have to be a "gram-yogi" (bendy poses in skimpy clothes on the interweb) to do yoga. You can be Betty down the street who woke up with the inability to touch her toes today. You can be Jenni who does yoga just to have an hour where no one screams "mom!" The benefits sneak up on you! You don't even realize that you are building up metabolism, working on your core strength (buh-bye belly), and developing stress coping skills.

When I work with nutrition clients I incorporate yoga skills and most don't even realize it! I teach #bodykindness and patience, awareness of habits, and conscious decision making. All of these things can help you with the a fore mentioned positive peri-menopause.

During your 40's and 50's whether you realize it or not your entire health outlook is

effected by hormones. You need help- the old ways don't work anymore! You can't run faster, move more, and eat less and get the result that you want. In fact- those habits actually make it worse!

Are You Ready?

As I mentioned, it took me a few months to steep in my pity party before I pulled up my bootstraps. Maybe that's where you are. That's OK. Go ahead. Take time to adjust. When you are ready I will be here. But if you are ready to take back control I'm here for you.

Let's talk about how I can help you get your lifestyle back on track and ready to fit your second act! You have so much to do, don't let your lifestyle hold you back. I can get you back on track in 6 weeks!

System for Success:

  • Eat the right foods mindfully: what you eat matters- choose foods that balance hormones and energize!

  • Move with intention: forget about exercise to lose weight! How can you move today that feels good? I show you how to balance fitness between physical fitness and mental health.

  • Stress coping skills: you can't "manage" stress, but you can learn skills for using stress to your advantage, letting go when possible, and taking action versus reacting.

  • Self-care: prioritize your needs before seeing to others. Self care makes you a better mom, wife, friend, etc.

When you are ready to feel like your "young-self" again I'm here to help you get there! Schedule a free "Kick-Start" and let's chat!


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