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How much yoga is enough?

The quick answer? It's always enough.

Don't sweat it my friends, it's called yoga practice-think about it.

The very complicated and vague answer? As much as you need.

Glad you signed on to read this now? Super helpful right? Ok seriously, let's talk about this.

First you need to know why you are doing yoga in the first place. If making a physical change is your goal you might need a little more. If you are looking for a lifestyle assist then you can likely get away with very little. Most of us are someplace in the middle and looking to build a little muscle, get a little flexible, and not have to spend time in court ordered anger management. The good news is your yoga practice can be flexible (see what I did there?)

To increase muscle tone aim for about 2-3 days a week and maybe 30-60 minutes of a good heart pumping flow like vinyasa or power yoga.

For good old fashioned stretchiness add 10 minutes on to the end of whatever workout you already have planned that day. Even 10 minutes in the morning right out of bed can be beneficial.

To apply all of the yoga-zen benefits pepper your day with yoga. Two minutes of deep breathing while stuck in traffic, a slow stretch break after sitting at your desk all morning, adopt a "non-harming" point of view and find a little bit of good in everyone you meet for a whole day (including yourself).

Pick up a class when you can, turn on a streaming video when you are stuck at home, or simply sit and contemplate your best self. Whatever you do it is exactly what you need in that moment.


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