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How Tiny Habits Lead to Big Results

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The smaller the habit the bigger the weight loss. It's true. Those big sweeping end-of-year goals that you are tempted to make are not going to help you lose that last 10 pounds before January. In fact, the bigger the goal, the less likely you'll be successful this year.

So why keep torturing yourself, when you could be setting yourself up for major success? Instead of trying to restrict yourself through the tastiest time of year try something different- nourish your body a little bit every day. I mean, what do you have to lose (except perhaps your stretchy Thanksgiving day pants).

Try these tiny habits instead this holiday season:
  1. Focus on nourishing first. Simply put, take your focus off restricting the "bad" choices and work on adding in some healthy options. Start with a balanced breakfast, or be mindful to include some fruits and veggies during the day.

  2. Enjoy the good stuff. This tiny habit is all about mindset. Let go of the should-haves, would-haves, could-haves and just enjoy the slice of pie. When you are mindful and present with your food you need less of it.

  3. Keep a schedule. Notice I didn't say make a schedule, or create a schedule- just keep the schedule that you've been keeping all year. Go to bed at the same time, eat your meals at the same time, and hit the yoga mat at the same time. On days when you can't possibly fit it in, give yourself the gift of letting go!

Tiny habits lead to big weight loss

Skipping the entire family meal, or hiding out from holiday happy hours will not lead to massive weight loss- but showing up mindfully and setting the smallest goals possible will.

This time of year it's about abundance. Abundant food, abundant peopling, abundant demands on your attention. Trying to add one more thing to all of that abundance is exhausting.

True and actual weight loss happens when you are consistent over time. Your body works hard to maintain the status quo by adjusting how you burn calories, digest food, and even recover when you are resting. If you want to see lasting changes you need to make small changes and stick with them over time.

Tiny habits like measuring your creamer in your coffee or going to bed on time become the new normal and you see the results for years to come. During this season of indulgence adopt a mindset of mindfulness (yup, I'm full of alliteration today).

It's not required to clean your plate- you aren't 6 years old anymore; you don't have to go to the gym to earn that third cookie, and if you get tired go to bed. When you listen to your instincts good things happen.

Plus, you don't have to do it alone!

Find Your Community

I'm here to tell you that you are not alone! There are bunches of women just like you trying to keep from being bloated, sluggish, and regretful on January 2nd. That's why every year I lead a free holiday mindfulness challenge. It's my way of helping you keep your eye on your goals while you take a (well-deserved) break from doing the work.

Inside the Nourished Mindfully community you'll join women like you who want to have a better relationship with food to finally reach the goals that keep eluding you. There are workshops, the free holiday challenge, and tools to help you be a mindful eater in a crazy-busy world. You can join the community anytime, but right now is the best time if you want to have a guilt-free holiday season.

Not that you should focus on losing weight at the holidays- nobody needs that drama- but you can stay focused on holding where you're at right now so that once the dust settles you don't feel like you fell off the wagon. Wouldn't it be fabulous to make a few tiny habits into a huge holiday success?

Consider this my official invitation to join the Nourished Mindfully community for healthy recipes, monthly wellness plans, and the support you need to stay on track living your most mindful life.


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