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Mindful Mindset Method

Boy do I love alliteration! Fancy word play aside, how much do you think about food?

If you are like my clients it is pretty much all day. What's for dinner, how long till lunch, can someone else go grocery shopping this week? Truth be told, that's not normal. It's very common, but not normal.

If food and fitness are dominating your every day life then you need an intervention- or maybe a hobby. I mean, I know that there is food on every billboard, commercial, and social media outlet, but let's be real, you don't really need to spend every day- all day thinking about food.

That's why I created the mindful mindset method. It's the formula for creating a healthy lifestyle made up of tiny habits to take the obsession out of living healthy. It's actually a simple concept- build in a number of little habits that you enjoy, get great results from, and don't have to change your entire life for and you will keep doing them.

It's all about developing a mindful mindset- where your default setting is to be aware of your potential choices and how they are going to benefit you in your goal today. You may not see immediate changes, but you will have great returns on your mindset shift over time. The good news is that before you realize it, you are living healthy, reaching your goals, and not worrying about food.

The Mindful Mindset Method

1. Nourish Mindfully: make purposeful choices that serve your goals.

2. Move with Intention: find ways to be active that you enjoy, yet still work towards goals.

3. Stress Awareness: become an observer of stress and triggers and react in a mindful way.

4. Self-care: Give yourself permission to take care of you for a change.

With this method you can create the habits you need to lose weight and keep it off, manage your mood swings, and improve your energy. All it takes is one tiny habit at a time. To help you get there- I am hosting a 7 day routine challenge. Each day for 7 days you will get a task rooted in the Mindful Mindset Method. By the end of a week you will feel confident and in control of your healthy lifestyle. Before you know it you will have no resolutions for January because you will be exactly where you need to be.

It's easy to join this free challenge. Just request access to the private women's only Facebook group and you will have front row seating when the challenge starts in September. Stick with it till the end of the challenge and I have a special offer just for my community!

Join the Facebook group Perimenopause & Menopause Nutrition Made Easy today and have access to actual nutrition tips that work, yoga for the non-yogi and yogi alike, and a community of women in the same boat as you. Middle age and curious about what the actual fork we should be doing with our bodies now?!

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