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No More Diets!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Now that February is over and the excitement that comes with starting a new year is behind us it's time to look back at those resolutions and aspirations with a clear focus.

I have declared February a month of focus.

Let's focus on what makes us unique and true to ourselves and focus on shedding those things that don't serve our own greater good- whatever that may be.

Yes, weight loss might be a desire, but is it really a goal? Should it be a goal? What the f*ck does a number on a scale have to do with how you show up as a person? Why does it have anything to do with how you show up as a person?

Not that long ago as I was working on some personal struggles with my own weight identity I had a brief moment where I thought: "if only I didn't have these curves- they probably add at least 10 lbs!" As soon as I said it I was instantly like "WHOA! HOLD ON THERE CHICKY." Because my body shape is one of the things that has been constant my whole life. I am "athletic" or "curvy" or "shapely" depending on who you ask. But I am also "short" and "active" and "a redhead" so my body is shaped like someone who genetically has more curves, smaller stature, and as spent many years in activities that build musculature.

Have I struggled with this from time to time when the fashionable thing is slender pants, or blouses that require no breasts? Yup. Of course. Did it make any difference in my GPA? My wedding day? Or late nights with sick kids when they were young, training Murphy when he was a puppy, or my life as an army wife?

Nope. Didn't even enter my mind during those moments. But for a fleeting second after seeing a reflection of an older version of myself that I'm just now getting used to I reverted to weight as a qualifier of some kind.

To be fair I also thought last week that I should dye my hair pink on my next trip to the salon. Probably won't do it, but the thought was there.

I guess my point is that instead of a culture that feeds the billion dollar diet industry shouldn't we strive to be a culture of uplifting other women by looking past weight and body shape? I see a dozen women (and the occasional man) in my office every month who are completely distraught over a number on a scale.! It's ridiculous! I always ask them the same question: "does that number make you a bad person?"

Because it doesn't. It means that you come from a line of curvy athletic redheads, or you really like to bake for your young children, or you and your husband enjoy evenings out together. The scale means nothing in the greater scheme of things.

In this month of focus I propose that we look at how we can use our food and fitness lifestyles to enhance our lives. Do you feel better after a yoga class? Then go to yoga class when you can. Who cares if you burn calories or not. Do you enjoy skiing? Then ski. Is a sweaty high intensity workout your jam- then have at it! Forget the rest. Be active because it feels good, or you like the company, or because you enjoy yoga pants. What-the-f*ck-ever! Being healthy feels good- but it's also personal.

How about food. This is tricky right? Does it have to be? Wouldn't it be amazing to learn how come you feel hungry 20 minutes after Chinese food, but full after a field greens salad? Imagine if you could learn to identify a physical hunger from an emotional hunger and feed each equally effectively. Believe it or not there is a science to food choices. We just have so much media and marketing pushing various agendas that we don't hear past the noise anymore.

Wouldn't it feel great to know what food choices to make based on what actually serves you right now? How amazing would it be to understand that eating protein and fiber when you are craving sweets can help cut the cravings? That's mindful eating!

It's also food science. You can learn this stuff and be free of diets forever.

One more time: no more diets! Ever.

When you're ready to be diet free head on over to the Mindful Macros-free mini course.

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