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Starting a Home Yoga Practice

Advice from a lazy middle aged yogi.

Doing anything on your own is pretty hard, but right now when there is absolutely no reason to change out of your pajamas or even brush your hair it seems like a lot of work and needlessly spent energy to start any workout plan.

I get it. Days are long, and energy is low. Without the hope of ever seeing another human, let alone needing to someday wear an appropriate length pair of shorts seems like problems from another life. Right now there is the conundrum of which streaming service has the most hours of mindless drivel for the lowest price. You have plans dammit!

Might I suggest that all of this is temporary. Someday (likely before you know it) you are going to wish that you hadn't wasted this gift of free time. Remember when you promised yourself that you would get in shape when you had time. If only you had the time you could workout like (enter any Heather/ Karen/ Brittany) too.


Look, all it takes is 20 minutes to get started. You have got this!

What is your version of health (not weight, not size)? What can you do about it today?

You could eat an extra veggie. You could start yoga. You could go for a walk.

I'm here for you! If you need me to support your need to binge 20 straight hours of Harry Potter while determining exactly how many Oreo's creates a sugar high (it's 5) then I can do that. It's not a great use of my skills, but I'm game. BUT...if you want to figure out how you can finally get your shit together enough to feel moderately good about all of this crazy, then I'm also your girl.

I created this little list to get you on your mat and start building sustainable habits...go ahead...you can do it...just click.

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