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The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Dietitian

This isn't a piece on why a registered dietitian is better than a nutritionist (not better, just different). It's not about how you need to know the "science based research" (I mean it helps, but it isn't really the only thing.) And it's certainly not a sales pitch.

I'm just offering you a chance for some some #selfreflection on what you really need right now.

So here goes, the top ten reasons that you need a dietitian:

  1. You want someone to be your cheerleader. Making change in your life is hard, you need someone to have your back dammit!

  2. You want someone who has been through your kind of situation either first hand (#menopauseamiright) or with a number of clients.

  3. Specialties are important, you don't go to the foot doctor to look at your lady parts do you? Cause that would be weird. And probably awkward.

  4. You need someone to do the heavy lifting with you. I mean, just because you can look it up on the interweb doesn't mean that the info is right. You need a partner to help you work through the junk to find your unique solution. There are a million ways to #livehealthy and probably only one or two that will work for you.

  5. Because #BMIsucks and #scalesarejerks you need someone who looks at more than a single number as a measure of health.

  6. You really want someone to be your recipe dealer. I mean dietitians have the best recipe stash out there.

  7. It's about time you love yourself enough to invest in your own wellness, #mindfuleatingrds look at more than just your food habits. They also care about your entire mind-body relationship.

  8. It's about time someone else decided what's for dinner.

  9. All of your friends are tired of talking about meal plans, food prep, and HQ. Rightfully so, you need a dedicated person for all of that so you can just live your life.

  10. A support system is invaluable. Priceless even.

There you have it! Ten reasons to take care of yourself right now- not after the pandemic, not next January, not when you "have the money," not when you lose ten pounds. The simple thing is to enlist help, it makes the hard thing (doing the work) much easier to handle. Why wait until your get another failed diet under your belt? Where do you want to be this time next year?

I opened up a small number of coaching spots for the summer and boy do those spots fill fast! My signature coaching clients get such dedicated support that I don't have enough hours in a day to help everyone. Start your journey now, you are so worth it!

Set up your discovery call now to learn how you can apply to be a signature client.

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