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Why Weights?

This month in the studio, we are focusing on strength and conditioning. Not a traditional theme for yoga, but I think it should be more often. The truth is, I hate exercise (no kidding!). Don't get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE fitness, being active, and feeling strong- I just have no use for things that make me feel worse at the end of them, or that I have to convince myself to go and do. So any opportunity I get to find a fun and dynamic way to move and nourish my body is an opportunity to skip a "workout."

Why yoga and weights?

There are three components to fitness- cardio, strength, and flexibility. Yoga covers flexibility and depending on the style and intensity of your yoga practice- strength. You can push your boundaries and grow by adding additional resistance beyond the body weight- plus it's fun! Typically, yogis tend to be very flexible, and struggle with strength in certain areas because many of the aspects of yoga that draws students is the mind-body connection. Breathing, long slow holds, and gentle movement. In order to be flexible there needs to be a bit of give in the strength department. Just as strength tends to reduce flexibility somewhat.

So do both!

Adding weights can add variety, increase heart rate, create a strength beyond the typical range and focus for yogis, and it can simplify a fitness routine by completing two workouts at once.

This month in the studio, we simplify strength training by adding familiar moves to typical yoga shapes- think about warrior pose with hammer curls, or a bridge lift with a chest fly. Once you add weights, attention to the shapes becomes more necessary to both get the most of the workout, but additionally to reduce the chance of injury.

The new class "Strength and Conditioning- Weights" introduces calisthenics with sun salute flows in a barre inspired flow. In about 30 minutes, you will work your entire body, get your heart pumping, and not have to do anything more complicated that a warrior 3. Adding about three pounds to the flow will have your muscles quaking, and your heart pumping.

Head on over to the Well Fed Yogi Online Studio to see how it goes!

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