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Well Fed Yogi Classes

You have heard about the benefits of yoga and you want to try it out. Maybe you don't have a studio near you, maybe you are nervous to go to a class where everyone knows what's going on but you. Maybe you already have a regular yoga practice but just can't find the hour and a half required to get to the studio.

I've got you covered!

I have created this inclusive studio for yogi's who like jammies. For ladies like yourself who have important obligations at home, but still understand that you need to take care of yourself.

No one is perfect- life is chaos! Sometimes you unroll your mat at 11:30pm when the house sleeps, other times your yoga practice is also jungle-gym mommy time. Dogs bark, the washer signals, and you need to modify poses to accommodate the cat claiming his spot on the mat. 

I can't promise you perfection- but I can promise consistency. If we all show up we will build a community. A community of badass, bitches who know how to take care of themselves on our own terms.

If you have ever wanted to see what consistency in your practice looks like then you found your place here. I'm not going to tell you what to do- but if you want to build strength, create mindfulness, and create a better relationship with your body and self you might want to start here.

Sometimes I'll ask you to push your boundaries of comfort, but only when I do it myself.

What do you have to lose- I've never heard anyone ever say- "I regret going to yoga class."

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