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Work with Me

Are you ready to improve your relationship with food?

There are several ways to work with me, making nutrition counseling more accessible than ever! Not sure where to start? Keep reading because I've got suggestions...

Mindful & Balanced Intensive

Looking for a personalized approach to your wellness goals?

How about a 3-month guided journey, because that's what you get when you enroll in the Mindful & Balanced Intensive program. You'll be guided by your personal dietitian/nutritionist through the Mindful Method our signature process for building a better relationship with food. Believe it or not, your food/body relationship is the foundation for reaching your goals. These are just a few of the outcomes you'll see starting on day 1 of the program.

A better relationship with food can help you:

  • improve gut health

  • balance hormones

  • reduce chronic disease risk and symptoms

  • improve your mood

  • reduce fatigue

  • eliminate joint pain & clear up skin

  • balance your weight fluctuations

  • age in a healthy & balanced way

Inside the program you'll get:

  • Ten 1:1 sessions with your dietitian/nutritionist

  • A vast library of educational materials- PDF & video content

  • Free subscription to the Intentions newsletter

  • Weekly customizable meal plans with shopping lists and recipes

  • A clear strategy for success with your personalized nutrition prescription

  • And the feature our clients love the most- accountability & support!

Schedule a free discovery session and learn how to get started today with improving your relationship with food.

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