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The answer to belly bloating

Think that you need to suffer with belly bloating?

Think again! There are solutions to your belly bulge that don't involve fasting, medications, or complicated fitness routines.

The most common cause for concern that I see in my practice is belly fat and bloating. So how do you get rid of perimenopause belly fat? It's simple, first you need to figure out where the problem starts. Do you have a belly fat problem, or a bloating problem- the answer may not be so clear.

Bloating occurs when you have gas, trapped air, accumulated fluid, or undigested food in the GI tract. This is usually in the stomach- you can tell because it feels very high up on your abdomen, in the area right below the ribs.

Belly fat on the other hand is usually lower in the abdomen and does not come with any associated pain. Belly fat is actually the more stubborn situation to remedy.

Let's look at bloating first.

  1. Hone your awareness. Begin keeping a food log, notice any patterns, like when does the bloating occur, how long, what foods have you eaten recently. Paying attention will help you with step number 2.

  2. Identify the trigger. Once you have used your journal and observational skills you likely have identified a trigger (or two) that may be causing your belly bloating. For many people it's one or more of the following: eating too much, eating too fast, eating too close to bed time, sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices, food intolerance or allergy, stress, or not chewing completely.

  3. Tiny habits. Make a plan to take tiny habits towards your goal. Slowly swap out the habit that is causing your bloating for new, non-bloaty habits.

For example, you might notice that you get bloated after Friday happy hour. Taking it further you realize that you have beer on Friday's and again on Sunday afternoon. No bloating Sunday can lead you to realistically rule out beer. You may also admit that happy hour involves stuffed peppers- peppers are a common cause of GI discomfort. You can assume that the peppers are the culprit. Now that you know your trigger begin to change that habit. Try eating only 1 pepper, many times that's all it takes, decreasing quantity. If that doesn't work swap stuffed peppers for another more nutritious option. Perhaps some hummus and pita chips instead.

You don't have to give up happy hour and hanging with your friends, just adjust so that you don't pay for it later.

Another great way to keep your belly healthy is with yoga.

Yoga twists help to keep digestion moving, avoiding

the heaviness and bloating that comes from slow digestion. Twisting as part of your daily yoga practice is a great way to prevent future issues.

Check out this short yet effective yoga class.

Any kind of movement that you do regularly will help your belly bloating.

Belly Fat

The bane of existence for women over 40- belly fat. It creeps up out of no where, doesn't budge for anything, and threatens your self-esteem.

Belly fat is not a sit-ups problem. Belly fat is a normal part of aging, that you don't have to completely accept. Some changes to your body shape are inevitable, but you have more to say about it than your realize.

So how do you eliminate mid-life belly fat?

Just breathe...

Here are 3 ways to reduce belly fat:

  1. Reduce stress. Take a meditation break before eating and turn off your electronics. It only takes about 2 minutes, but the benefits are worth it.

  2. Eat more fiber foods. We don't pay enough attention to fiber foods, and that's one way to trim belly fat. So eat more fruits and veggies, toss nuts on your salad, and enjoy some lentils and legumes.

  3. Balance your hormones- insulin and cortisol that is. Insulin resistance can be common in women, so watch your carbs- especially at dinner.

If you want to learn more about how to implement these tips and more for belly health check out the NEW Midlife Middles Course! The course will be released in June, but you can purchase now and get first access when it opens.

Ready to begin your mid-life wellness journey? Schedule a free coffee-chat to learn how mindfulness can be the answer to your struggles.

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